Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Found and Lost

I was watching an old Hindi movie last night and there was this one dialogue which caught my attention. Two ways to get over someone, one was time and other was finding love again. What an odd way I thought, when one way is absolutely painful the other is a positive way of coping with life.
I’m sure we all have found something special and then lost it. The illusion of finding something you love and then to lose it is heart wrenching don’t you think? Sometimes you lose something due to your own fault and sometimes things happen which you don’t plan for and if it was not meant to be. Whatever is the reason it’s an awful experience. The ugly part is its just Life!!

Life is what happens to you while you’re making plans, so if plans don’t go as they are supposed to, then one just has to live with it and get on with it. I have recently found myself wanting to be happy. Happiness again is just an illusion like love. Its temporary feeling that puts a smile on your face. I often wonder why everyone is looking for Happiness, when truly it does not exist in any form. The feeling is just obsession.

Happiness is one ultimate illusion which gives you temporary relief from being poignant. Just like that other feelings are just illusions or temporary state of mind. Expecting anyone this is just being hopeful, again another state of the human mind.

Whatever it is, it’s all a part of human existence and choices are made during these states . It does bring some relief and sometimes it does make you smile but remember a particular state is just temporary.