Thursday, January 28, 2010

Funny Bones! How many you have man?

Being funny is the single most admirable trait in anyone. Cracking people up, being witty etc, I think is more alluring than being really HOT, Sexy and Dumb (All of these together can be a total Apocalypse and can only work in the bed room, for probably 30 mins) At least I seem to think so 
I would rather be stuck on an island with a funny guy than a hot one … Jeez….. No amount of six packs can entertain you while you’re lost, hungry, and thirsty and want to strangle someone.

I have funny bone in me. Wow! A fact I discovered, only recently. Not that I fit into the category of Sexy and Dumb Before! Thank God!! But I guess you can call me the average funny Indian Jane, with a quick wit and a wee bit of humor. Nothing major really, but I can get away with a few lames jokes sometimes.

Self deprecation I have heard is the best way to try and make people snicker. Racist jokes I don’t approve off but, can sometimes be a quick way to lighten up someone’s mood, provided there is no one around that could take you seriously.
A funny conversation with the opposite gender can be a quick way to polish those skills better and can help build a quick rapport in getting to know them (Try it single people, It works!)

I have met a lot of humorous people and love spending time with them. There’s no time for any serious talk really, and who wants to talk serious stuff all the time know? Raise your Hand please.

So discover your funny bone and keep it fresh. Who knows, one day you might even start making money with that quick wit now. Aye?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Republic Day ...

It’s almost midnight 27th January 2009; I left office at 11.00 pm 26th January 2010. On my way back home I witnessed the below,
1. Faith: A boy not more than 20 years old ,had parked his bike at the corner of the highways, had taken his helmet, his shoes off and was on his knee’s bowing to a temple on the other side of the Highways. He did that thrice by the time my cab passed him.. I was baffled as this was the first time I saw something like this.

2. Predictability : About 4 Km’s from the first incident , As my cab was reached the KR puram under bridge , we almost met with an accident , I gasped out of fear and made a noise which sounded like the geckos that create sound , I guess its sign of bad luck

3. Death: About a 300 meters from the under bridge is a Speed breaker, A man lying on his front under his bike, was bald, was motionless, his plastic helmet had not helped, the crowd was consumed by fear and no one wanted to touch him. No one wanted to check his pulse, no one wanted to stop, not even our driver, for the fear of being taken to the police station for a statement, and no one has the time. Right?

All of these above incidents are stuck in my mind. How strong is one’s faith is toward something he worships does that make us responsible humans , responsible towards our country , our people ,, how unpredictable your day can be, I could have been the one dead , and how death comes to you when you least expect it.
India has definitely lost its value for life, and no amount of faith in our human system can help restore it.

Happy Republic day all … or should what the hell are we celebrating about!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finding Jesus

Change in my life has been constant.

The one thing I have struggled with is to love Jesus, as easy as it sounds, it’s the hardest thing one could do to keep going strong. Your life somehow gets you when you least expect and so has been the case in mine.

Late 2005, I started being part of a prayer group, the first time I cried by self to bed, the guilt of wrong choices were very looming and unbearable. Every time I looked at the cross the guilt would rise up to my throat and choke me .

It was a hard fight, in exchange for that incredible feeling of joy. It’s was different joy, it like no other. Being in the lord was rewarding, he answered my prayers gave me a job, but as thankless as I was, I forgot all about him and went back to my worldly requirements.

Its 2010 now, exactly 5 years and when I think about this it only tells me how much time I have wasted in finding Jesus, my life has just passed me by and I have wasted precious time and forgotten the Joy I felt in 2005.

As I look at my bible in which I used to make notes I find this on the last page “ Trust God No Matter what , Trust is the result of falling in Love, and love needs to be proved” Fall in love with Jesus. Jesus knows when it’s the right time to listen to his word.

I have Ephesians Chapter 5 as reference, and it says “Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children;

And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for sweet smelling savor.

Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;

Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
Husbands love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it.
To do all of the above its only possible “IF you FALL in LOVE with JESUS” Am I ready? HELL YEAH!

Possessive : To be or Not to be

Its Saturday 4.00pm. As I take a peek at my past and how closely the title relates to my past actions, I wonder what the limit should be to one being possessive. This particular trait, if I may call it that has been a part of me for some time now, its hard thing to do away with. I thought it was only a problem limited to myself , but after speaking to a lot of my girl friends , I now know that there are several women out there who suffer with the same emotions and I’m sure there are lot of women throughout the world who fight every day to put those feeling behind or hide it from those who matter .

Is it really right to hide it or ignore that you feel this way? Suffer with it and don’t let anyone know how you feel, Can one deal with that creepy feeling on their own? How should the other person react to this awful feeling of insecurity? As usual I have so many questions, it’s my fight I need to deal with it now and I need to deal with it right.

I look at this one prayer that was sent to me by a friend, on self-worth, I think Possessiveness is a direct result of insecurity. However, insecurity only comes in when the person who should assure you is not doing a very good job of it.

Possessiveness is applicable to any relationship, and it’s of utmost importance that both parties understand each other’s short comings and work with each out to ensure they feel safe in the relationship. I truly believe that enough communication and re-assurance can play a very positive part in discarding the unconstructive feelings resulting and eradicating every emotion, feeling that is a byproduct of INSECURITY.

Men and women are different , and their emotional needs are poles apart , how they harmonize with each other is the key to a successful relationship , I’m sure we have read a whole lot of research which has gone into exactly segregating these emotional requests. But how many of us really do understand the opposite sex and want to work with them through their trials? Each relationship is different and when it does not work you know you have not done enough to save it from drowning. We rather suffer separately than work things out. The patience level has reduced to mere egoistic trips that both men and women prefer and want than, to rebuild a broken relationship.
our parents were really lucky, as they preferred working things out than just letting each other down and go their separate ways.