Friday, July 17, 2009

Hard Work..........

......Beats talent, when talent does not work hard.

The true way to render ourselves happy is to love our work and find in it our pleasure. Sometimes after being in the same company and doing the same thing, seems monotonous, however, I can’t say that about my Job. I have been with my current employment for the past 4 years and still feel like it’s just been a short while and there is so much more to learn and achieve and most of all , so much more to give back .

Although this is just my second job and I have been working for the 7 years now, I saw myself as a stable person when it came to staying at a same place. Not because i was comfortable and would stay in a place cause it paid well, even if i sucked at it .Because,I brought passion, zeal to excel, a unique quality and that is an appetite to learn more, take on the role of the sponge and suck it all up.No amount of politics could bog me down, in the interim, I do my best to keep up to my own expectations of being focused .

Although, my first job started off in a BPO industry, it was not much of learning; however, it set me to do well in next job.It was good foundations and it built my confidence. I could take on challenges, I did not think I could before. It taught me to be candid when things were broken.It made me receptive to feedback whatever it was. Good or bad, I learnt how to take the good and excel further, and do better on the opportunities.

I came to realize, that it did not matter what line of work you were into, if you had the passion, you could conquer anything. Whether you build rockets or just sat around and helped out a customer with some accounts information or just painted walls. The learning was immense, the trick of the trade is what matters. A job well done, definitely deserves a pat on the back and a crappy job deserves a Wack .

I have super hyper tendencies of taking things seriously , when people don’t pay attention or don’t respond with the same exigency on things . The casual behavior always pisses me off and somehow can’t stand it. There are good days and bad day and today the 16th of July 2009, was definitely a good day.

Today, I was requested to interview a candidate and I can tell you that this was a no same old ask questions kind of an interview. The candidate was somewhere in the emirates. I must say that I completely impressed and almost had tears in my eyes when I walked out of the conference room. The person was very concerned and wanted to know about the role. After a 30 min overseas call, which unfortunately the candidate paid for, even after me telling her I would call, we both definitely were touched by each others passions for what it meant to work and do well.

We ended the conversation, with appreciative words for each other, which I’m sure not a lot of interviews end up this way. I patted my back because, I was able to enthuse her with my words, not because I wanted her to join badly, but because I wanted her to know, what was expected of her. She ended the conversations with excited words and how I had instilled her confidence in what was in store for her. A job well done I must say!!

Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun.

Colleen C. Barrett:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seven Women and a Man

My Mother
She has been driving force of my life; she played the prevalent character in what I’m today. Her strength, her percieverience, her hard work, her experiences have shaped my life. The fact that she posed to be a strong willed,took life in the most positive way and waged through her life.Did her best and most importantly did the right things for her two daughters deserves immense respect.
Her happiness, her laughs, her beautiful smile, could draw your attention in a crowd of thousands. She played her perfect part in a Shakespearean play of her life. Her willingness to love whatever she did,the great source of the strength she possessed is mind blowing. I’m grateful to god, that he thought of me worthy enough to conceive in her womb and share most of her genes.

Mother Theresa
This lady deserves no petty words, she’s more than words. being capable of inspiring millions m buy just being her and teaching us to be kind, loving, respectful,which made her nothing short of a living saint.

I do admire some woman I have met during the course of my life. I have met woman who carry an inconceivable passions for what they do. It makes me happy that I’m in a way or the other associated with these special women,and share most of their passion.

I respect them very much and would not quote their names for the reason of privacy, but would definitely like to pay tribute to each and every one of them who hold a special place in my heart.

This woman Fills the best part of my life. She's one with selfless attitude, a fun person to be with, she's been my mate for several years and going strong, if Same sex marriage was something i fancied , then i would definitely go for it, just kidding but she's a perfect friend.

This lady is someone I admire and share a special relationship with. Her strength, her conscious effort to make sure she cares for her loved one’s even though it requires hurting them to keep them safe, baffles’ me. Her caring attitude completely takes a different tandem.

My Mentor , from the time I took on a very challenging role of my career , she still is and I look up to her for advice, whenever I think of getting involved in something that I want to pursue.
Her straightforward attitude and the readiness to help is something that I strongly admire. She has inspired me on several occasions and made me feel
that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it.

This girl is my mate , she is like my keep calm charm , you know what I mean . She’s someone I can speak to, crib to, which I do most often. I take her advice seriously. She's innocent at heart yet a very mature individual

Ha ha what can I say , my world is filled with good women , this particular person is someone who can take on so much, that sometimes, I wonder how she does it . She’s made life easy, is a very good person at heart and is very emotional at times, especially when it comes to her loved ones.

There is one man I truly admire, I feel he share's so much of my outlook, Is a hopeless romantic, and adult and a child at the same time and a dear friend.
It also proves that you don't need to see a person or meet a person to feel the connection. But one thing about him is, he knows what he wants.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sia has done it again tonight. Her striking tone of voice intrigues me with every song she sings. The Chello, the keyboard playing in the number just takes me through this wonderful expanse of my life.
Suddenly as I’m lost in the chello and keyboard and her voices, the drums come in perfect synchronization to the rest of the song. Her voice is perfect; the lyrics are just amazing and an absolute contentment to listen to. She and I have become cohort and can take on life just like her songs …

Help, I have done it again
I have been here many times before
Hurt myself again today
And, the worst part is there's no-one else to blame

Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small
I'm needy
Warm me up
And breathe me

Ouch I have lost myself again
Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found,
Yeah I think that I might break
I've lost myself again and I feel unsafe

Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small
I'm needy
Warm me up
And breathe me

Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small
I'm needy
Warm me up
And breathe me

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Pageant of The Bizzare..........

The 10th of July, 1.18 am Friday 2009. My insomnia still prevails. I listen to some of my favorite artists, who sing to me tirelessly with the same passion as if performing the song for me exclusively.
The gift of technology to human kind I believe was to freeze time, emotions and everything else that encompasses us on this celestial planet and drives us towards a celestial complexity, which I believe, is god. To an atheist or an antagonistic the celestial complexity might be completely different.
I play a particular number by "Zero 7” The Pageant of Bizarre, from their 2006 album “The garden” this Band brings us some ,trip- Hop, down tempo, Acid Jazz music .
Sia Furler ,continues to entice me with her acrobatic voice, successfully taking me into her extraterrestrial world, her words make me wonder about people that surround me and my ever-changing life .
The Pageant of Bizarre, seemed like a extraordinarily straight forward lyrical recipe, yet there I was associating this multifarious song to everyone I knew, and had heard of.
How many people I knew, took chances. How many people I knew went the superfluous mile to achieve greater love, success, wealth? Whatever drove them to go on?
To achieve something, the only route is to take the dip, be gallant, live for the moment, and yet plan passionately for the future. Never stop living, even if it’s just for the moment. Don’t stop yourself from catching the falling stars and wonder at the beauty of the rainbow that appears in your window. Never shy away from the challenge of changing things or taking the high road.

It’s never gonna be
Normal, you and me
What you're signing on for
Is a storm at sea
So if you think you're tough
Give me all your love
And I'll give you every little piece of me
Catch a falling star you'll go far
In the pageant of the bizarre
And tonight I give you my heart

We will never be a nuclear family
But a rainbow will begin at our feet
And if you take my hand
Beware that this boat can
Run aground making the ocean floor weep

Catch a falling star you'll go far
In the pageant of the bizarre
And tonight I give you my heart

Take a chance on me, yeah
You're my remedy, yeah
You may fall indeed, yeah
You'll find peace with me, yeah
Take a chance on me, yeah
You're my remedy, yeah
You may fall indeed, yeah
You'll find peace with me, yeah
Peace with me, yeah
Take a chance on me, yeah
You're my remedy, yeah
You may fall indeed, yeah
You'll find peace with me, yeah

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Me, Myself... and no one else ...

1# I have a short Attention Span and I can’t remember shit I have said or done …

2# can’t always understand the opposite sex, but that’s what they say about me as well.

3# I’m loyal … but fucking overtly possessive. And I can cry like hell if I want to …

4# I love traveling, without a reason … and enjoy certain company…

5# just found out that, I’m shitty at relationships… as fucked up as it all seems, I still get my self into them.

6# I enjoy making clean things somewhat filthy. And more if my mom would just allow me.

7# I hate Bollywood commercial cinema, and won’t spend a dime going to those movies …unless some one tricks me ...

8# Cigarettes smoking is relaxing, that’s the reason I give when people ask me why? but the fact is I just like it ….

9# I'm attracted to bratty bad boy men. Luckily, they're attracted to me.

10# I love god and think he has a great plan for me, that’s if I give him a chance.

11#I like copying paintings, but am crap at them …. No Imagination what so ever

12#I regret a lot of things I have done …. And still keep doing them …

13#the future scares the crap out me, but I have come a long way

14# I get angry in a jiffy, but forget why?

15# I fell in love with Kurt Cobain when i was in the 7th grade, and then found out that he was a dead man …

16# I would like to own a custom made Royal Enfield and tour the North part of India on my own. I’m physically challenged right now …..

17# my fav color is Black … but my sister made me pick a red car… My First Car ….. :(

18 # I don’t have patience for listening, Talking yes that suits me fine …..

19# I love home cooked meals, and dread eating out ….

20 # my love for beer has grown tremendously and I know when to say no to it ….

21# I have no problems eating or watching a movie or even enjoying a beer all alone …

22# I’m a shopaholic, but hate shopping in Bangalore.

23# I love music, watching movies, but can’t remember the name of people who sang the song or acted in the movie ….

24 # some songs I listen to make me cry, especially if they are associated with a special people in my life ….

25# I’m totally selfish, but I do love the people in my life.

26 # One more for the Road, I have my mood swings and couldn’t care less ….. That’s me

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shoes Shoes and More Shoes, a different Obsession !

An interesting thing happened the other day. I decided to wear pair high heeled shoes with nice pointy Heels that I've owned for almost 4 years now. During a conversation with my colleagues, and trying to mock one of them by making a funny gesture, like a dance mock. I broke my heel, just like that in a jiffy, I had a broken heel. My nice expensive, beautiful Cream and Black pointy stilettos saw its destruction, and it felt like my heart just burst into a million shreds. The Broken heel was irreparable.
I went to the mall, walked straight to the footwear section, chose a piece, and got it billed. And was satisfied with the pick, just a bit though. Anyway, here I’m trying to walk out of the mall and I see the Addidas store and walk straight into it and start checking out the loafers /floaters whatever you call them , try on more designs and then Wala! I pick myself another pair and get back to the office.
Here I’m still kind of mourning the demise of my broken stilettos, yet happy with the new additions, and attention-grabbing conversation begins. What’s the limit for the number of shoes one should own? Fair question I must say, someone said they owned about 12 pairs, someone said 8 pairs. When I was asked, I said I own 60 Pairs. It’s true, I know it’s a lot… but they are all so pretty, I could not part with them.
The conversation got a bit more interesting and led to second questions, Are you single? And my answer was yes, but how does that matter? Single or attached , I know I would still end up buying more shoes and bags and other accessories, unless of course I loose all my money , my job ( touch wood) .
Ok so what does being single, got to do with owning 60 pairs of shoes!! . Is this a women way of filling the absence of a man in her life? Will getting a man mean, she would stop buying shoes …

What is it that makes women buy more footwear?

Loneliness ( Oh Hell No !!)

Wasting Precious Money (not if you make them last for 7 years they still look new)

Facts :
Dressing for the occasion (what would the fashion Industry do without us woman? We feed so many because we buy what they design?)
Compliments from other woman (You’re contributing to the growth of the economy, in a way Free Marketing for the brands)
To get a mate (Men are attracted to nice legs, I think, and shoes beautify your feet and legs)

I also heard my friend say, that stilettos are a total turn on, although he only looks, 16 yrs (physically that is)

Major Fact, We have a thing for Shoes, just like men have a thing for Gadgets.