Monday, July 26, 2010

Forgive and Forget

This weekend was truly life changing and I can’t explain the feeling but I’ll try. I signed up for a weekend course called “Encounter with God” at Adonai which is a charismatic church I have started attending.

I realized that my life desperately needed strong fellowship and help me understand what building a relationship with Christ actually meant. I have been attending Sunday service for the last 4 weeks and I kid you not, these hours have been the most productive than anything else I have done in my life so far.

Anyways, the reason I write this is to specifically talk about the Encounter Weekend. It was truly an encounter! Just like how the police force get together to catch criminals and destroy them similarly, I united with the lord and fellow church members to kill and destroy what the enemy had held captive.

The course started with powerful talks from different members of the ministry and they covered different topics. They tried their best to set expectations of what was to come and how the entire weekend would end , But no one could prepare us for the last session , I was not sure of what I was to do until I sat in front of the two people who would pray over me and help start my healing.

The two most powerful words which were used throughout the sessions were “Forgive and Forget”. That should have given us a hint of what was to be expected in the last ministry sessions. So there I was standing outside the hall waiting for the people who would spend the next one hour with me. I was completely clueless of what I was supposed to do and with a nervous feeling in my heart I went in and saw the smiling faces of my Ministry team.

The healing begins

I have no memory of how I started, I have no memory of what all I discussed, I can only remember that I wept and poured out my heart and they prayed over me. I had visions of the lord comforting me. I knew that God had planned my life differently, but the enemy had entered into my life and stolen that life.

The healing has begun. I realized that there was no greater thing in life than to forgive and to forget transgressions. It was the nicest thing to do. Can you imagine forgiving the person who hurt you; I know what you’re thinking?! How can one just forgive or forget the very person who has caused you so much pain? If this is the question you have refer to the bible and see what Jesus did, he did two ultimate acts before he gave up his life and that was to Forgive every single individual who led him to the Cross, betrayed his trust, abused his body unimaginably, the second thing he did was he took our transgressions, our hurts, betrayal to the cross with him. He paid the ultimate price for us.

So not only forgive others but also forgive yourself.