Monday, June 21, 2010

A friend in need is a friend indeed :)

Its 6.15 am , I’m wide awake due to some un called for and self inflicted stupidity. Evasively contemplating between going to the gym and getting back to bed.

It’s a gorgeous morning, bright and fairly warm. A perfect day for a morning walks.
I can hear the soft raga of the flute playing somewhere in the distant and it soothes my mind a bit.
I get on line as most slackers do when awake and suddenly my best friend is online, just when I need her! She is truly god sent and stuck by me in most of myself inflicted madness.

She works the magic of her words on me yet again, but this time she’s a bit stern and has tone of a person who cares for you but means business. She warns me to get my act together and stop being someone else I’m not.
Her sweet voice says she loves me and misses our time together, and explains how one has to move on and see what new adventures life brings for us, while we embark upon UN called adventures we still remain entwined in the happy fond memories we once shared.

We make a pact on spending more time webcam chatting on weekends and say good bye. I do thank our wonderful god for good friends most off all I thank him for her.

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  1. I'm jez out of words to explain how I feel rite now mate....u know I'm always there for u when u need u loads n miss ya...