Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm a proud "Work in Progress"

I lovingly call myself a "WORK IN PROGRESS" Christian, eagerly waiting to be perfected in his love. Its reminds me of boys going through a adolescent hair style phase much like the Jim Morrison hairdo,which by far was the best phase as its is neither short not long.

As I read my bible, a piece of paper falls out of it and it’s a prayer, I pick it up and start reading it and a sense of joy fills my mind.The lord calls me his masterpiece!! He proclaims his love for me openly and says he wants me to be his child.
As days go by and I walk stronger in the lord, I have a new perspective on life.I have gone from being a depressed little child more positive adult.

Although I must admit that evil lies close and I sometimes tend to make the same mistake I have committed before, but my sins don’t bog me down anymore, they rather help me get closer to him as I repent and each time I fall,I plan to get up and strive towards not falling again and this is a pact I make with god.

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