Sunday, June 20, 2010


The summer season in India brings unquenchable heat; nevertheless it brings pleasant things too. Like big yellow lush fruits.. Yes! I’m talking about the king of all fruits the one and only Mr.Mangoe

As far as traditions go, eating mangoes is part of long lost Indian traditions. I remember my summers in Mangalore where the entire family got together once a year to enjoy the peace and calm of a village life.

Three generations, gathered under one roof, in a big portico that served as an entertainment section for guest and turned into a big dining room at meal times.
It also that acted as a community hall 14 grand children aged 13 to 1 years old. The 150 year old Portuguese designed house with its massive ceilings was a delight.

I still remember the teak wood round dining table that adorns the entrance of a beautiful red tiled mansion with money plants across the circumference.
I was only 6 years then and one thing that stuck in my mind was eating mangoes. Different mangoes which tasted different and were from every tree at Granma’s.

I feel nostalgic,I’m back to being a 6 year old running around in my tiny knee length frocks and sandals.This very memory is fresh and bright as the yellow lush fruit and big a part of my life and it feels as if it just happened yesterday.

I can see everyone just gathered in front of a heap of raw mangoes and large ceramic jars and ultimately the end result would be big jars of yummy pungent mango Achar (pickles) to take back home with us to the city life we led .

A very well known tradition in India is savoring mangoes post lunch or dinner. It’s as if its second nature to us and seasonal habit. Eating a fruit is definitely part of the Indian diet, however during summer you will find this yellow lush fruit definitely rules.

I miss being a 6 year old and getting messy while eating the king of fruits. I do someday wish my kids will be able to experience the joys of simple lives in the village rather than electronic gadgets in the cities

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